State Fair Park Response to Legislative Audit

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responseOn June 1st, Wisconsin State Fair Park released their response to last year's legislative audit of the park.

There's no mention of the Racing Committee that was reportedly going to be formed to explore ways to bring racing back to the Milwaukee. However, there is a new Land/Property Committee that has been formed. The newly formed committee will focus on the future vision of the Milwaukee Mile, as well as other areas of the park. The new committee is also condering a potential multi-phased study in 2019 to assess the Milwaukee Mile acreage, site analysis, perimeter space and programming considerations, development assessment, architectural designs and implementation recommendations. This study is expected to cost between $150,000-$300,000.

The response also includes the following:

"When future prospects or endeavors emerge in the racing industry, we will certainly consider whether they make financial sense and if capital investments in the racetrack are warranted."

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Wisconsin State Fair Park Audit Response

State Audit: Long-term Plan Needed for Milwaukee Mile

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wall 2 smOn Friday, January 5th, the Wisconsin Joint Legislative Audit Committee released a long awaited report detailing the operations State Fair Park from mid-2013 through mid-2017.

The report called out the State Fair Park agency for poor record keeping and inconsistent procurement procedures. In addition, the report found that State Fair Park does not have a comprehensive, long-term plan for assessing the condition of its primary grounds and facilities or a formal plan for the future use of the Milwaukee Mile racetrack.

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Track Revenue Down

The Milwaukee Mile, which hasn't hosted a major league race since 2015, continues to generate revenue for State Fair Park through a variety of uses including racing clubs, driving schools, charitable events and other private events. The track generated $286,400 in revenue during the 2016-17 fiscal year. That's down from $487,100 generated during the 2012-13 fiscal year.  The decrease is largely due to the lack of major racing events, which generated an average of $102,000 per event in previous years.

In addition to revenue generated exclusively by on track activities, the Milwaukee Mile is heavily used during Wisconsin State Fair. The grandstand is used for the main stage headliner acts during the fair, and the track itself is used for parking 3,000 cars per day. However, for a variety of reasons, State Fair Park was unable to determine the amount of revenue specifically generated by the track during the fair.

State Audit Possible in Near Future

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The Wisconsin Joint Legislative Audit Committee held a public hearing and executive session on Thursday, March 30th to discuss a possible audit of Wisconsin State Fair Park. Following the hearing and executive session, the proposed audit was recommended for passage. Based on the passage, it's likely that the Legislative Audit Bureau will conduct an audit of WSFP in the coming months.

While the exact scope of the proposed audit has yet to be determined, it will likely examine all aspects of the management of State Fair Park. This includes the performance/operation of the Milwaukee Mile.

Milwaukee’s Empty Mile

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Milwaukee's Empty MileWithout racing, ‘America’s Legendary Oval’ becomes concrete wasteland

The roar of Indy cars once thrilled young and old at the Milwaukee Mile, but these days the only thing capturing anyone’s attention is the amount of money still owed on the now quiet West Allis track.

The Mile’s storied history made “America’s Legendary Oval” an institution on southeastern Wisconsin’s sports and cultural scene for more than 100 years. But lawsuits and debt, fallouts with promoters and the overall decline of racing itself has left the Mile without a major racing event this year and nothing on the books for 2017.

Although some have not given up hope, there is no sign that racing will ever return to the track. The last organized race at the Mile, which once hosted racing legends Mario Andretti, Rusty Wallace and A.J. Foyt, was the now defunct Milwaukee IndyFest in July 2015.

“Racing is dead (at the Milwaukee Mile), but everyone is afraid to say it because talk radio will kill you,” said John Stibal, West Allis community development director.

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