State Fair Park Response to Legislative Audit

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responseOn June 1st, Wisconsin State Fair Park released their response to last year's legislative audit of the park.

There's no mention of the Racing Committee that was reportedly going to be formed to explore ways to bring racing back to the Milwaukee. However, there is a new Land/Property Committee that has been formed. The newly formed committee will focus on the future vision of the Milwaukee Mile, as well as other areas of the park. The new committee is also condering a potential multi-phased study in 2019 to assess the Milwaukee Mile acreage, site analysis, perimeter space and programming considerations, development assessment, architectural designs and implementation recommendations. This study is expected to cost between $150,000-$300,000.

The response also includes the following:

"When future prospects or endeavors emerge in the racing industry, we will certainly consider whether they make financial sense and if capital investments in the racetrack are warranted."

Read the full response here:

Wisconsin State Fair Park Audit Response